Susan B Anthony
Madeleine Albright
Michelle Obama
Sally Ride
Who rule the world? Squirrels!
David Bowie
Stink Floyd
The Dragon with the Girl Tattoo
Star Wars
The ALF on the Shelf
Frosty the Snowcone
Hermione Granger
Katniss Everdeen
Amy Poehler
Princess Leia Organa
Georgia O'Beef
Gloria Stein-ham
Marga-rat Hamilton
Piggy Stardust
Annie Lemur-vitz
Ruth Beaver Ginsburg
Toni Morrison
Hillary Clinton
Margaret Thatcher
Frida Kahlo
Maya Angelou
Eleanor Roosevelt
Rosa Parks
Harriet Tubman
Grace Hopper - Dangerous
Santa Claws
Katherine G. Johnson - The Path
Sally Ride - Scientists
Jane Goodall - Convictions
Mary Shelley - Beware
Hedy Lamarr - The Unknown
Louisa May Alcott - Ships
Amelia Earhart - Tenacity
Lucille Ball - Regret
Malala Yousafzai - Voices
Michelle Obama - High
Madeleine Albright
Who Run the World? Squirrels.
Go Cubs - Finally!
Bun of Man
Frida Koala
Joan of Bark
Ruth Beaver Ginsburg
Susan Bee Anthony
Feel Better!
Giraffe loves clouds
Good Big Sister
Mermaid, Great Day
Happy March!
Unicorn - Magical Day
Whale Love
Twelfth day of Christmas
Eleventh day of Christmas
Tenth day of Christmas
Ninth day of Christmas
Eighth day of Christmas
Seventh day of Christmas
Sixth day of Christmas
Fifth day of Christmas
Fourth day of Christmas
Third day of Christmas
Second day of Christmas
First day of Christmas
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